5 Ways to Save Money on Your Houston Car Insurance: Sweeten the Deal

Getting good car insurance means having an umbrella when there might be a storm coming. It’s not optional, but a necessary precaution. Since it’s wise to do it anyway, you may at least look for ways to save up some money while you’re at it. Don’t settle for the first deal you encounter, but look for the best one available. It’s up to you to sweeten the deal and with our 5 tips it’s easy to get started. Make sure you do a lot of research before signing with a car insurance dealer, to make sure you’re getting the best of the best.

sweeten the deal

1st Way to Sweeten the Deal

First and foremost, research what other customers have to say about your potential insurer to make sure no one complains about not getting their money’s worth. This first tip is more like a precaution than a tip actually, but even if it doesn’t really provide a discount when you first sign for the deal, it might save you a big financial gap later down the road. Even if you get to the point in which the accident already occurred but the company refuses to cover your expenses, there are still ways to win. File a complaint against them via the TDI and you’ll find them very helpful if you’ve been wronged of what was rightfully yours.

2nd Way to Sweeten the Deal

If you research the rates of car insurance in your local area, you’ll find yourself pretty lucky to live in Houston, Texas, since the rates here tend to be lower compared to the average or at least not as high as you expected. Still, make sure you don’t settle for the cheapest of them all if it doesn’t also come with positive reviews, because that might be a financial risk you shouldn’t take.

3rd Way to Sweeten the Deal

This is one of the best parts and unfortunately not enough drivers know about this: the state of Texas allows you some discounts on car insurance under certain conditions. The easiest discount to obtain comes only for agreeing to take a drug and alcohol awareness course. Unfortunately, drivers who already had a misdemeanor related to the use of drugs or alcohol in the past years aren’t entitled to enroll for the course, but for the rest, it’s an easy to get 5% discount.

4th Way to Sweeten the Deal

Research what other discounts you’re entitled to. For example, if you had only one at-fault accident, you’re eligible to receive the Accident Forgiveness Coverage, provided your insurance policy has been active for at least 2 years. Safe driver? Well, if you didn’t have any accidents yet, then you’re entitled to the Disappearing Deductible, which means that you’ll be basically getting 100$ credit per vehicle with every year that you are claim-free.

5th Way to Sweeten the Deal

His one is mostly for when damages have already been made, but it’s still useful to know. If you just got yourself a new car, either by purchase or by lease, here’s the good news: there’s yet another deduction you have a right to. Research the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts Coverage and in case you damage your car while it’s still within its first 20.000 miles, you’ll be entitled to a partial discount in the repairs.