Discounts for Houston Car Insurance You Didn’t Know Existed

Houston car insurance

Nobody will ever give you anything for free, and no one is genuinely interested in helping you out, expect probably family. Finding the perfect auto insurance policy for your vehicle and credit history may be difficult, especially if you haven’t conducted proper research beforehand. The idea is to find something that gives the most value for your vehicle. Every company is different, when it comes to discounts for Houston Car Insurance and coverage options, but there are a few options that you should definitely keep an eye out for, as they will significantly reduce the costs of car insurance. Here are the right options for vehicle insurance:

1. Accident Forgiveness Coverage

You may not have heard about it before, but this coverage “forgives” a surcharge associated with only one at-fault accident. If you are a new driver you can only benefit from this type of coverage if you have already qualified for the Excellent Driver Discount Plus, under the Save Driver Insurance plan. If you already have insurance you can add this coverage to your plan, but you must first meet three requirements. You need your policy to have been active for the last 2 years, qualify for the Excellent Driver Discount plus and meet other requirements imposed by your insurance company.

2. Dissapearing Deductible

Another interesting coverage plan is the Dissapearing Deductible one. What it basically does is provide with an automatic 100$ credit/vehicle for every year that you are claim-free. You can add it against the collision deductible, and receive a maximum of 500 dollars per vehicle. This can be a great addition to your discounts for Houston Car Insurance.

3. Loan or Lease Gap

Have you just purchased a brand new car? This is great news because the Loan or Lease gap will pay the difference between the loss and the balance owed on Loaned/leased vehicles. The only requirement is for the car to have less than 45.000 miles over the last 36 months since it was purchased.

4. OEM Parts Coverage

This is one of the best options that you could get. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Did you know that in most situations insurance companies will not replace damaged parts with original ones? The only way to prevent this from happening is by getting the OEM Parts coverage. In order to qualify for it you must respect the following conditions:

  • The damage must occur within the vehicle’s first 20.000 miles
  • The car must not be more than 10 years old
  • You must qualify for the specific needs of your insurance company

If these three points are met, your enhancement and repairs will apply in case of collision, limited collision and comprehensive coverage for your vehicles.

5. Door-2-Door Claim Service

Claims can be a drag, but this will no longer be the case if you have Door-2-Door claim service. It will ensure that your vehicle is picked-up, and repaired, while you stroll around in a rental one. Once your car is restored to its former condition, it will be returned, and the rental will be picked up. Another great thing about this coverage is the fact that repairs done by the referral shop are guaranteed to last as long as you own/lease the car.

Bonus: Other Good Discounts

As we already mentioned, different companies set different prices, but for Houston car coverage, you can expect the following discounts:

  1. Advanced Driver Training: for inexperienced drivers who complete certified training (approx. 5%)
  2. Motor Club Memberships  
  3. Passive Restrain: for cars with restraints and airbags (approx. 25%)
  4. Public Transit: commuters who usually use public transit (approx. 10%)
  5. Anti-Theft: for cars with anti-theft devices/alarms (approx. 20-35%)
  6. Homeowner: for those who write auto policy together with homeowner’s policy (approx. 20%)
  7. Senior Citizen: (approx. 25%)
  8. Multi-Car: (approx. 5-10%)

There are other discounts for Houston car insurance available, but these ones are the ones with the best rates.