How to File a Houston Car Insurance Complaint via the TDI

file-a-houston-car-insurance-complaintWhen taking out vehicle insurance, one must carefully weigh all the available options and find an insurer that will provide both a fair premium price, as well as good services. However, what happens when you have an issue with your insurer in Houston? How does one file a Houston car insurance complaint? It’s not that complicated, thanks to the procedure laid in place by the Texas Department of Insurance. The TDI, as it’s also called, is the Texas authority you can always go to, if you have problems of any kind with your insurance service provider. We’ve previously mentioned them as a way to save money on insurance, but now it’s about claiming money that is rightfully yours to begin with. The TDI can help, irrespective of whether we’re talking home, health, or car insurance. For the purpose of this article, however, we’ll be looking at what you need to do to lodge a complaint against a vehicle insurance provider in Houston.

Before you file your complaint with the TDI

The TDI advises disgruntled Houston car insurance policyholders to attempt and settle the issue amicably before they file a Houston car insurance complaint. Re-read your coverage policy, make sure you have a bone to pick with them, then call the toll free number, which most insurance companies list for customer service purposes. You can find this number on the TDI’s directory called Company Lookup. Typically, your vehicle insurance provider will ask you for your insurance policy number over the phone. The rest of your communication, however, needs to be put down in writing. Send them a written complaint and propose a solution to it. Ask that the company reply in writing to that complaint and make sure you provide them with all the needed documentation. Still, don’t send them the original invoices, checks, or other materials – keep these for further references and only send out copies.

If the complaint you file is not thus resolved, you can always rely on the TDI to investigate it. You will have to provide a home address and phone number, the name of the insurance company and insurance agents you’ve worked with, the numbers of your policy and claim, as well as a copy of your insurance card.

File a Houston car insurance complaint online

Though complex, the TDI website is simple enough to navigate, in order to reach the online form where you can file a Houston car insurance complaint. Their track record in settling such issues is impressive: throughout its history, the department has helped over 30,000 insurance holders to reclaim some $35 million in claim payments and refunds. They commonly work on disputes related to claims and benefits, but also tackle less frequently encountered issues, such as claim and benefit disputes, issues dealing with false advertising, misrepresentation of services, fees, and such, but also fraud. Bear in mind that if your issue is actually with a body work or car repair shop whose services you found to be shoddy, the TDI can’t directly take care of your complain. It can, however, forward it to the authorities empowered to do so.