Avoid This Driving Mistake in Houston to Dodge Bad Driver Car Insurance

bad-driver-car-insuranceTo say that Houston drivers are some of the most reckless and aggressive in the United States has become commonplace – a bit of an urban myth, or an ingredient in popular culture. However, it seems that authorities in the major Texas city have decided to take action against drivers who are found blatantly violating one important driving regulation. Find out what it is and make sure you stay safe, if you want to avoid bad driver car insurance costs. Proper driving skills can help you ensure a clean driving track record, which, in turn, will increase your odds at lower Houston car insurance premiums.

Houston authorities to take action against driving in the wrong lane

If you exercise any precaution when driving, then you most certainly know that by driving in the wrong lane, you become exposed to numerous risks – the least of which being a fine and having to pay for it in bad driver car insurance premium hikes, while the most serious is a potentially fatal impact. Yet it seems that in Houston, this issue is so widespread that it has forced the Department of Public Safety to announce it is going to undertake a ‘crackdown’ on drivers who are found wandering off into the left-hand lane. This might have something to do with the many multi-lane highways in Texas. However, regardless of the causes, authorities are now saying that driving in the left lane is strictly prohibited, unless you are passing another vehicle or making a left turn.

According to Gordon Schneider of the Houston Department of Public Safety, the left lane is relegated to ambulances. If a car wanders into it when it has no place being there, it can create the perfect set-up for a serious crash. The main legal agencies involved in this initiative are the Department of Public Safety in Montgomery and Fort Bend, as well as the District Attorney’s office in Montgomery. The new regulations against left-lane driving will first come into force in Montgomery, Fort Bend, Waller, and certain parts of Harris County. Violating this rule will be accompanied by a ticket or a warning. The initiative has been prompted by road rage incidents, sparked by drivers found driving significantly below the speed limit in the left lane.

The risks of bad driver car insurance costs

One of the major criteria that auto insurers in Houston take into account, when calculating insurance premiums, is the driver’s history of driving regulation violations. In plain English, the more tickets and moving violations you are guilty of, the higher the price of your car insurance premium is likely to be. If you’re a bad driver car insurance premiums can nearly double, compared to those of a driver with no accidents to their name. And it goes without saying that by driving in the wrong lane, you significantly increase your odds at committing a potentially serious accident. Even if you don’t, but manage to get caught by the DPS, you stand to pay a hefty fine, which will also show up on your record and directly impact your car insurance premium expenses.