Liability Car Insurance in Houston: Understanding the Specifics

liability-car-insurance-in-HoustonIt’s a good idea to purchase liability car insurance in Houston these days, since it specifically covers cases of car crashes in which the driver is at fault and in which he or she causes damage to another person’s property or bodily injuries to someone else. Now, since buying car insurance in Texas has got to start with understanding what the requirements are, in the following we explore the basics of liability car insurance in Houston. What is it? What are the state-imposed minimums? Do you need more than the minimum?

Most car insurers in the state of Texas will recommend that you also check out the common coverage levels of their policyholders, so that you figure out what people in your area are purchasing. Believe it or not, buying car insurance in Texas also has a lot to do with where you live, since your address also determines the levels of risk you’re exposing yourself to. In other words, the area in which you live gives your insurer a ballpark idea as to how much of a liability you stand to be for them, based on common claims and claim thresholds. Without further ado, check out what liability car insurance in Houston is all about and what the differences between property and bodily injury liability are.

The limits of liability car insurance in Houston

It’s unfortunate, yet it sometimes happens: you cause an accident, are found at fault, and also have to deal with injuries sustained by other people involved in the incident, or with damage to other people’s property. There’s a special type of insurance you need to take out, in order to be protected in such cases and most find that it comes in very handy. Bear in mind, however, that liability car insurance doesn’t deal with costs that you sustain following medical care or damages caused by an accident.

Bodily injury liability auto insurance

This type of liability car insurance in Houston takes care of the very unfortunate event in which you cause an at-fault accident, following which another driver or pedestrian sustains an injury. Bodily injury liability will also cover for such tragic cases that end in death. The state requirements include a $30,000 limit per person and a $60,000 limit per accident. According to AllState, one of the biggest car insurance companies in Texas, the common coverage levels match those required by the state. This type of liability insurance will cover for emergency aid at the scene of the crash, medical expenses to care for bodily injury, compensation in cases that also involve a loss of potential income, funeral expenses, and legal expenses required to defend anyone who is also included on your policy.

Property damage liability auto insurance

Property damage liability car insurance in Houston can cover for cases in which an accident that you caused damaged somebody else’s property. Your insurer will typically take care of the following expenses: structural damage (whether this was inflicted upon someone’s home or a commercial property), repairing or replacing other stationary objects that may have been damaged during the accident, as well as repairing or replacing vehicles involved in the accident. Texas laws require a $25,000 limit for property damage liability and common coverage levels match these requirements.