How to Avoid Losing Houston Car Insurance Coverage

Losing Houston car insurance coverage is a far easier task to pull off than actually holding on to it, reading through the policy on a regular basis and striving to make sense of it. In fact, many car owners and policy holders will end up without any coverage to speak of after filing for one claim or another. In order to avoid such a damaging situation, policy holders need to make sure they understand everything that is in their policies. Read on to learn what the most important aspects of your Houston vehicle insurance are.

Understand why insurers can issue a non-renewal car insurance notice

avoid-losing-Houston-car-insurance-coverageIn a nutshell, it’s because insurers don’t like losing money. After all, they are businesses, whose aim is to make money, not lose it. As such, insurers in Houston and elsewhere are weary of drivers who display constantly reckless behavior while out driving on public roads. In car insurer lingo, they are called high risk drivers, who basically face two fates: car insurance non-renewal notices, or very high premium costs.

Non-renewal notices are different from cancellation notices, which become effective immediately after having been issued. In most cases, car insurers need to warn you about their decision not to renew your car insurance policy with 10 to 30 days before your current policy expires. Here are some of the most often encountered reasons for which a vehicle insurer might decide to issue such a notice against you; read through them to understand how to avoid losing Houston car insurance coverage.

–          A pattern of bad driving. Car insurers are very keen to note patterns in one’s driving record. If they notice you’ve been committing many traffic violations within a short span of time, such as 3 to 5 years, they will conclude that you cannot reasonably be a good driver. As such, you become a risk and the insurer might decide to drop you.

–          Too many accident claims. In case you didn’t know this, your vehicle insurer is keeping tabs on how many claims you’ve filed with them. One too many claims could have you booted, so drive safe and file for fewer claims to avoid losing Houston car insurance coverage.

–          Too many accidents. When it comes to moving violations that result in collisions, a number that is too high will also tell your car insurer that you do not intend to amend your ways.

Understand the law to avoid losing Houston car insurance coverage

The simplest way to make sure you’re not served a non-renewal notice in Houston is to let your insurer know that they can rely on you and your driving skill. Keep your police and insurance records clean: few to no claims, few to no traffic violations, a spotless background. If your track record is no longer spotless by anyone’s standards, you might want to consider taking a defensive driving class, which will basically tell your insurer that you are determined to improve your driving. Last, but certainly not least, make sure you pay your premiums in full and on time and avoid losing Houston car insurance coverage, even if only for a brief span of time.