Let the Law Help You Save Money on Houston Car Insurance

save-money-on-houston-car-insuranceWhen it comes to car insurance these days, it seems that most vehicle owners in Houston, Texas, don’t even bother figuring out if there’s any way they could save some cash. They just let their coverage policies roll over, even if in many cases they are outdated, rendering the owners either over- or under-insured. The good news is that Texas laws and several educational programs can actually help you save money on Houston car insurance. Read on, to learn more about three completely legal ways to do so, which involve industry regulators and classes for drivers. After all, who doesn’t want to save some money in today’s economy?

Take a drug and alcohol course discount

One of the easiest ways to shave 5 per cent off your car insurance premium costs is by taking a drug and alcohol awareness course. If you live in Houston, you should know that insurers are mandated by law to give you such a discount. It’s a sure fire way to save money on Houston car insurance, though, sadly, it’s not available to drivers who have already committed a crime or misdemeanor under the influence of either drugs or alcohol during the past seven years.

Bad driving record? You can still save money on Houston car insurance

Drivers with faults in their track record and blemishes in their past still have a chance at saving some money on Houston car insurance. If you can prove that you’ve applied for insurance with two or more car coverage providers and have been turned down, go to the Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association, also known as TAIPA. They will allow you to apply for vehicle coverage through their programs, though it’s important to bear in mind that some restrictions do apply even with them. The application process can be a bit complicated, but, given Texas laws, it’s worth it, if at the end of the day you’re driving on public roads in Houston with insurance to your name.

Can you win against your car insurer?

In Houston, Texas, you most certainly can. While all car insurance providers like to market their services as the cream of the crop and the absolute best on the market, many of the biggest names have issues when it comes to customer service or claims. That’s where the Texas Department of Insurance, or TDI, steps in. This regulatory body of the entire insurance industry in Texas has been set up to solve complaints filed by policyholders against their insurers. As such, if you feel your insurance provider has cheated you out of money you rightfully deserved, it’s probably a good idea to see if the TDI can help you save some. However, bear in mind that the TDI only deals with the insurers, and not with body repair or car repair shops. If you have issues with their services, you can still lodge a complaint with the TDI and they will forward your claim to the right authorities.