Yes, You can Save on Houston Car Insurance

There is probably no one out there who owns and drives a car and has car insurance who has never heard a car insurance commercial on the radio, seen one on TV, or browsed past a banner on a website. They promise the vehicle owner that they can save on Houston car insurance if they simply shop around for the best deals – but is that claim true? Many would rush to dismiss it as pure marketing and advertising form, not at all backed up by any evidence. However, in a recent radio interview in Houston, the Public Relations manager of the Insurance Council of Texas has pointed to the contrary. In Mark Hanna’s view, given the fact that Houston alone has over 200 car insurance companies, shopping around for a good deal will likely land a car owner just that: a better deal on their car insurance premium.

Compare to save on Houston car insurance

Hanna has stated that “if you look around, you’ll see that there can be a difference in many, many hundreds of dollars for just one auto insurance policy”. Given the sheer size of the market for car insurance in Houston, it only makes sense that it’s buyer-driven. In other words, insurers for vehicles are willing to help their clients save on Houston car insurance, in order to stay competitive, gain an edge on the market and draw in more customers. It might not seem like the best position to be in, but leading the low income earner segment of any market can actually be a boon for some brands of car insurance. However, Hanna went on to explain, few car owners who are insurance holders actually end up switching their vehicle insurance providers.

What goes into saving on car insurance?

The main reason for which drivers stick with the same insurance company for years on end, even if they are running big costs, is the complexity of the system. People have little to no interest when it comes to reading their vehicle insurance policies, which is why they will stay with the same company “basically forever”, in Hanna’s own words.

save-on-houston-car-insuranceCar insurance premium rates can vary widely because there are so many different factors that influence them. One of the most important such factors is that of having a teenaged driver on a parent’s policy. As Hanna puts it, female drivers under the age of 21 and male drivers aged below 25 make it almost impossible to save on Houston car insurance.

But even people who don’t have youngsters on their car insurance policies should take the time to read them for the fine print, says the official. Aside from other drivers on your policy, you also pay in accordance with the type of car you drive, the mileage on that car, whether or not your car and home insurance policies are aligned, and so on. At the same time, Hanna reminds drivers that making price the only deciding factor for insurance is not a good idea: drivers should steer clear of companies which often receive complaints.