Leasing a Car: Pros, Cons, and Gap Insurance in Houston


Before the recession, leasing a car used to be the go-to alternative for people who didn’t clock that many miles per year, as well as for many others, for a wide range of reasons. However, the financial crisis changed all that, while also forcing leasing companies to resort to zero financing, in an effort to restore the industry to its former glory. There are certain benefits to leasing a car in Houston, but one also needs to bear in mind the … [Read more...]

What Repairs Are Covered by Car Insurance

Car Insurance, Collision Coverage and a Totaled Car

The Collision Coverage Car repairs that become necessary on your automobile due to wear and tear over time, considered normal maintenance repairs, are not covered by your automobile insurance policy. You need to accept the option of collision coverage in order to have your insurance company cover repairs that may be needed to make your car drivable again after your vehicle is involved in an automobile accident. It's important to invest in … [Read more...]