The Top 5 Car Insurers in Houston TX


By and large, the best, most often recommended and overall top 5 car insurers in Houston TX also reflect the similar, state-level list. In fact, the same can be said if one was to extend the list at the top 40 companies for car insurance in Houston. Here are the five most prominent names on the list: State Farm State Farm has got more agents and more insurance agencies in Houston TX than all the rest of the car insurers in the area – and that’s … [Read more...]

Kemper P & C Group Auto Insurance Available in 26 States

Kemper P & C Group Auto Insurance

Kemper P & C Group Auto Insurance Background Kemper P & C Group is the subsidiary of gigantic Chicago-based Kemper Corporation, formerly Unitrin, and is the division which specializes in automobile insurance, homeowners insurance and personal property protection. Kemper is ranked the 20th largest auto insurer in the country, with direct written policies of almost 1,200,000, representing a 1.68 market share. A hallmark of Kemper insurance … [Read more...]