Is Teen Drivers Car Insurance Expensive in Houston?

teen-drivers-car-insuranceTeen drivers car insurance is a delicate topic to approach in most US states – understandably enough, since in almost all states having a teenager share an auto insurance policy with one of their parents means higher costs. Teenagers are perceived as an increased risk to running higher liabilities while driving a moving vehicle and the statistics confirm that this risk is more than a matter of mere probability. In the following, we explore some facts and figures when it comes to teen drivers car insurance in Houston, in Texas, and in the United States in general.

How much more does teen drivers car insurance cost in Texas?

According to a recent study on this issue, undertaken by a major online portal for comparing car insurance, adding a teenage driver to the parents’ car insurance will increase the cost of the premium by over 70 per cent. Now, if you are the parent of a soon-to-be teenage driver and are concerned with costs, you should be happy to know that Texas car insurance laws constitute a happy case in this respect. The same survey confirms that Texas has the ninth lowest rate of car insurance premium increase for teenage drivers. On average, adding a teen driver to the parents’ insurance will see a premium hike of over 80 per cent in the United States.

According to the car insurance experts behind this study, the less regulation the state has with respect to teenage drivers, the more likely it is to have lower premium increases. In other words, if Houston parents only see an average 71 per cent in premium increases, it is mainly because the state doesn’t have that many laws for teenage drivers. In ten of the US states, parents are likely to see the cost of their premiums doubling after adding a teenaged child to their premium. Arkansas tops the list, with an 116 per cent increase, while Hawaii is at the opposite end, with an average premium cost increase for the parents of below 20 per cent. Of course, Hawaii is well-known in the car insurance area, since it doesn’t allow insurers to increase or decrease the price of premiums according to the drivers’ gender, age, or driving experience expressed in years.

Do teenage drivers cause more accidents?

The statistics say they do. Some of the most often encountered types of accidents involving teenage drivers are those which involve crashing the family car. In this case, the parents are responsible of negligent entrustment and will be held accountable for paying damages incurred to other cars by their teen offspring. Parents who are considering not adding their teenaged children to their policies ought to remember that Texas laws mandate all motorists to hold insurance when driving. Should an uninsured teenage driver cause an accident in Houston, they would still be held accountable for any damages, or other types of liabilities. In most scenarios, this would involve being sued by anyone from the owners of the car to injured parties – which is not something worth risking, even in spite of the higher premium costs.