Top 3 Cheapest and Most Expensive Texas Cities for Auto Insurance

Many drivers consider it difficult to find a reasonably priced insurance policy. However, if you are prepared to invest more time in your research, you will definitely find affordable rates. Texas insurances are ranked in the affordable half in national comparisons, but obviously, rates might vary from insurance owner to insurance owner. The best idea would be to start by comparing quotes. On other occasions, you might find it helpful to compare studies of auto insurance quotes in Texas based on general profiles.

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First and foremost, drivers should know that prices vary according to where the consumer garages his vehicle. A rule of thumb would be that consumers must obtain three different auto insurance quotes before they make a decision. According to studies, Wichita Falls and Midland are the areas with the best auto insurance prices, while McAllen and Houston fall into the expensive category.

Average Cost of Auto Insurance in Texas

Apparently, the average for premium quotes is 556$/ year, according to a study conducted on 30 urban areas. The reason why Houston has more expensive policies is because it has higher auto insurance costs for 20% of the population. So if we were to exclude the population factor, average insurance costs would fall to 538$, as opposed to 610$ per year. It is surprising that two of the largest cities in the area, San Antonio and Austin have excellent rates, compared to their population. Let’s take a look at the cheapest and most expensive prices for the three most important cities in Texas.

Cities with the Cheapest Insurance Policies in Texas

  1. Wichita Falls is home to 105.000 people, and also the best city for auto insurance in Texas. The average rates for this area is 436$ per year, which means 22% cheaper than the average premium for all cities in the state.
  2. Midland follows close behind, with an average of 439$ per year. It is the place where George W. Bush lived his childhood, and also an excellent place to shop for auto insurance. Their premiums are approximately a fifth less than other insurance policies in Texas.
  3. Abilene is situated between the Taylor and Jones counties. Auto-insurance costs here vary between 480-490$ per year, which is 12% less than the average auto insurance costs in Texas.

Cities with the Most Expensive Insurance Policies in Texas

  1. Houston: Sadly, Houston is ranked at the top of the expensive list, with a cost of 610$ per years, which is 10% more than the average of the state. The price is higher due to larger population and risks in the area. Nevertheless, if you shop around you might found reasonable insurance policies. For more information about Houston insurance policies, research online. Nevertheless, a lower price would be difficult to obtain, if you were to factor in all the risks and extra coverages. 
  2. Pasadena: Driving cars in Pasadena is pretty expensive, because it it costs approximately 596$ per year. This is 7% more than the average in the state.
  3. Dallas: For Dallas insurance you will have to pay 8% more than other insurances, and that’s 603$ on average per year. This is due to the large population within the city, and other risks calculated in the policy.