The Top 5 Car Insurers in Houston TX

car-insurers-in-houston-txBy and large, the best, most often recommended and overall top 5 car insurers in Houston TX also reflect the similar, state-level list. In fact, the same can be said if one was to extend the list at the top 40 companies for car insurance in Houston. Here are the five most prominent names on the list:

State Farm

State Farm has got more agents and more insurance agencies in Houston TX than all the rest of the car insurers in the area – and that’s by a large margin, too. Their top ranking is indisputable in Houston.


Progressive is a distant, yet reliable car insurer in Houston TX. Most drivers covered by their products are satisfied with their services and those that do complain usually have had gripes about their claims process.

Allstate Insurance

Allstate Insurance is also one of the major national insurance networks and, coming in at number 3 on our list of the top 5 car insurers in Houston TX, it is often also cited as a reliable choice and a trustworthy insurer.


Farmers comes in at number 4 in Houston, which is no surprise, considering it’s a popular insurer throughout the entire state.


Just like all the above names on the list, major nation-wide insurer GEICO makes the list of the top 5 best car insurers in Houston TX.

Judging by the trend the list typifies, it should come as no surprise that the list of the top ten best car insurers in Houston TX also includes some other national insurance companies for motorists, such as Old American, USAA, Home State County Mutual, and Consumers County Mutual. However, there are also some aspects that are particular to living in Houston and these demographic particularities are also reflected in the city’s car insurance scene.

Beyond the major car insurers in Houston TX

Houston is a big city, the fourth biggest in the United States, to be exact, and a large proportion of its population is Hispanic. Of the over 2.1 million inhabitants in Houston TX, 26 per cent are white, of ethnicities other than Hispanic, while 24 per cent are African-American. 44 per cent of the population is Hispanic and the overall levels of the population in the city continue to expand. To boot, an estimated 400,000 inhabitants in Houston are illegal immigrants. This, in turn, has led to the emergence of car insurers that target the Hispanic segment of the population. Two of the most notable such examples include Confie Seguros and Fred Loya Insurance. The latter, founded as a storefront shop in El Paso TX in 1974, has come to boast over 360k policyholders and $238 million in premiums only in Texas. The company ranks as the 17th insurance company in the entire state. It’s also the 18th largest Hispanic-run and owned business in all of the US.

Confie Seguros is also an important presence on the local market, currently on the rise. In late 2011, the company purchased one of the most important car insurers in Houston TX, Auto Insurance Discounters Inc. They also cater to the specific needs of the Hispanic population in the whole country, not just Houston or the state of Texas.