Two Dogs Abandoned on Busy Houston Texas Freeway

If you’re a dog lover living and driving in Houston Texas, you’re probably going to be impressed by the tale of the two abandoned pets. This story could have ended rather tragically. Instead, we have a happy ending. The two dogs, abandoned in mid-May on a Houston freeway, were rescued by two kind souls. Rachel and Marshall Davis made Houston news with their tale. They saved the two canines they found stranded in the middle of a bustling, busy road. Here’s what happened, as reported by KHOU Houston:

Two Dogs Abandoned on Busy Houston Texas Freeway and the Humans Who Saved Them

Two Dogs Abandoned on Busy Houston Texas FreewayOn Saturday, May 17th, 2014, Rachel and Marshall Davis were driving to their townhouse in northwestern Houston. As their car rolled down State Highway 249, they reached a stretch of road that extends on the south bound of the Sam Houston Parkway. That particular area of the freeway is usually busy. Anyone driving in Texas knows that bustling traffic is often a problem. On that segment, there’s a median delimitating the two opposing traffic lanes. It’s a short strip of flat concrete, painted white. It’s also the location the Marshalls witnessed a dismaying scene.

That evening, the two saw a driver stop at a traffic light, open a door to his (or her) car, and throw the two dogs out. The driver dumped the dogs onto the median of the freeway. The dogs began acting disoriented. Several drivers stopped in traffic, or slowed down. They did so in order to avoid hitting the animals. Meanwhile, the driver who had abandoned them simply rushed off. Rachel Davis said she felt shocked to witness such an event. She deemed it “completely heartbreaking”. She added that she doesn’t understand how anyone could treat animals in such a way.

The larger of the dogs, a corgi and shepherd mix, reacted better to the stressful environment. He headed straight for the Davis’ car. Whenever the pair rolled down their windows, he responded to their calls. He was easier to board onto the car; the smaller dog, however, a two year-old Lhasa Apso mix, had to be captured by Marshall.

What Happened to the Two Dogs Abandoned on Busy Houston Texas Freeway?

The Marshalls immediately assumed the dogs had been stolen from their owners given their friendly, sociable behavior. They took them in temporarily, even though they already had two other dogs living on the premises. According to Marshall Davis, “our dogs have been very patient with us, but I don’t think they would be happy with us to get two more dogs”. They then took the pets to the vet. The vet confirmed that the dogs had been previously treated well. Neither dog had been microchipped, and the smaller one was suffering from heartworms. Both dogs have been described by the Davis family as sweet and lovable. This makes it all the more strange that someone had the heart to dump them onto a busy freeway median.

Since the incident, the couple started a Facebook fan page for the two rescued canines. They named the page Loving Home for the Freeway Furbabies. As of the time this article was written, the page had amassed over 250 followers. The Marshals are still actively seeking foster or permanent homes for the two “furbabies”. In late May, Miller was scheduled for getting neutered and microchipped, in order to start the antibiotic treatment for heartworms. Brock was neutered on May 23 and reunited with his initial family, thus confirming the hypothesis that the dogs were stolen and then abandoned by the thief. Needless to say, the owners were immensely happy to see their dog return home, as they had all but given up hope of ever seeing him again. Hopefully, the second pet will meet an equally happy fate. According to the dogs’ Facebook page, the medical interventions were made possible with the support of a rescue organization outside of Texas. The vet neutered the dog at reduced costs, which were covered by the pet rescue organization.


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