Let the Law Help You Save Money on Houston Car Insurance


When it comes to car insurance these days, it seems that most vehicle owners in Houston, Texas, don’t even bother figuring out if there’s any way they could save some cash. They just let their coverage policies roll over, even if in many cases they are outdated, rendering the owners either over- or under-insured. The good news is that Texas laws and several educational programs can actually help you save money on Houston car insurance. Read on, … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Losing Houston Car Insurance Coverage


Losing Houston car insurance coverage is a far easier task to pull off than actually holding on to it, reading through the policy on a regular basis and striving to make sense of it. In fact, many car owners and policy holders will end up without any coverage to speak of after filing for one claim or another. In order to avoid such a damaging situation, policy holders need to make sure they understand everything that is in their policies. Read on … [Read more...]

Yes, You can Save on Houston Car Insurance


There is probably no one out there who owns and drives a car and has car insurance who has never heard a car insurance commercial on the radio, seen one on TV, or browsed past a banner on a website. They promise the vehicle owner that they can save on Houston car insurance if they simply shop around for the best deals – but is that claim true? Many would rush to dismiss it as pure marketing and advertising form, not at all backed up by any … [Read more...]

Leasing a Car: Pros, Cons, and Gap Insurance in Houston


Before the recession, leasing a car used to be the go-to alternative for people who didn’t clock that many miles per year, as well as for many others, for a wide range of reasons. However, the financial crisis changed all that, while also forcing leasing companies to resort to zero financing, in an effort to restore the industry to its former glory. There are certain benefits to leasing a car in Houston, but one also needs to bear in mind the … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Best Houston Insurance for Your Needs


Car insurance is a tricky business and it’s often difficult to find the best Houston insurance for vehicles, especially for those who generally do not understand much about financial issues, liability, insurance and other such things. So the fact that in many states, such as Texas, car insurance is mandatory for all drivers. It puts them in a difficult position where they need to choose an insurance that is both acceptable where costs are … [Read more...]

5 Essential Facts for Understanding Texas Car Insurance


#1 Minimum liability coverage is essential to understanding Texas car insurance In Texas, drivers that take out car insurance with liability coverage need to be able to cover for potential damage caused to another motorist. This is relevant for understanding Texas car insurance and has its specific name: the 30/60/25 coverage rule. Under this rule, the minimum liability coverage threshold stands at $30,000 per person injured, $60,000 for the … [Read more...]

Smart Drivers Know the Law Regarding Texas Car Insurance Minimums

Texas Car Insurance Minimums

The Texas Financial Responsibility Law Every driver in Texas owes it to himself and the safety of other drivers on the road to know the specifics of the Texas Financial Responsibility Law. This law requires that any driver, in order to operate a vehicle legally in the Lone Star State, must be able to prove that they can pay for damages that occur in any accident they may cause. A convenient and easy way for drivers to do this is to purchase auto … [Read more...]

Texas Issues Law against Junk Car Insurance


Some auto insurers in Texas looking to make a quick buck had been in the habit of issuing policies that only covered a single driver, not the whole vehicle. Luckily, this might all change, since the state issued a law in early September which punishes funds that issue this kind of junk car insurance. The bill was signed into law earlier this year by Texas Governor Rick Perry and has finally been enacted by the state’s Legislature. According to … [Read more...]

How to Evaluate Texas Auto Insurance Companies

How Evaluate Texas Auto Insurance Companies

Like most states, Texas requires that anyone who drives in Texas adhere to the financial responsibility law in place that ensures that drivers who cause accidents pay for the damage and bodily injury that may ensue. Liability insurance is the way that most drivers cover the cost of damage repair, replacing damaged personal property as well as meeting the medical expenses they cause through their driving errors that result in accidents on Texas … [Read more...]

Texas Auto Insurance Rates

Texas Auto Insurance Rates and Overspeeding

Texas Auto Insurance Rates Hike Auto insurance premiums have increased throughout the United States since 2009 due to the increase in repairing damaged vehicles. In 2010,Texas ranked 11th highest with an average annual premium of $1022, then improved standings to 24th highest at $1462.65 annually according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. During this same time period, 2009-2011, the national annual average premium was $901 … [Read more...]